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Desktop & Mobile

Flexible, powerful communication tools

The workplace isn’t nearly as fixed as it once was;  many people hot-desk, move between offices, or spend some or all of the week working remotely. They all require communication tools that work consistently for them, regardless of how and where they choose to work, and on what devices.

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Anytime, anywhere, any device

For those frequently on the move with a laptop or mobile device, or at their desk the StarLeaf App is the perfect solution. With versions for Mac and Windows desktops as well as Android and iOS mobile devices, it provides easy, secure messaging, meetings, calling and screen sharing; anytime and anywhere.

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Rich video at your desk

For users who want the convenience of a bespoke, touchscreen video calling device at their desk, with high definition audio and video and the ability to connect to larger screens, StarLeaf offers the PT Mini; a compact, desk-based device. It incorporates a touchscreen and USB camera, offers favorite contacts as well as a full address book, and incorporates a plug-and-play connection to a monitor for easy screen sharing.

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StarLeaf’s range of solutions mean that your employees can choose where and how they work, and still have the same powerful collaboration tools at their fingertips.

  • Send messages to anyone in your organization, both in private or create group messaging. Messaging is totally persistent so your whole conversation history is available wherever you log in.

  • Easily join meetings with a Join Now button for scheduled calls.

  • Hold impromptu meetings simply, using QuickMeetTM to instantly create a conference and add up to twenty users at the touch of a button.

  • Call anyone, anywhere, and invite people to join your meetings, regardless of what video calling device they use, with StarLeaf’s unparalleled interoperability.

  • For users who prefer a standalone touchscreen device, including the ability to connect to larger screens and additional accessories, the PT Mini offers StarLeaf’s powerful video calling functionality in a small desktop form factor.

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